Configuring a Fulfillment Network

Configuring a Fulfillment Network

Adding Locations (collection codes) to the DALNET scope in Primo

-In Primo Back Office, navigate to: Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Table > [search for fulfillment network] > edit


Steps to set up Fulfillment Network


1/2 FU Fulfillment Unit Rule 21 Days DALNET, including Pickup Anywhere and Regardless of Availability, Add an FU Fulfillment Unit Rule for Requesting that has the DALNET 21 Days TOU attached


1/2 Request TOU, including Pickup Anywhere, added to FU Rule for DALNET 21 Days, with Allows Requesting, Pickup Anywhere


3 Make sure pick up anywhere


4 Additional tweaks by Ex Libris?


5 Make sure Display Logic Rule in Alma for Hold Requests does not exclude DALNET group